Step #3 Collaborating with your Clients

  1. Go to your Agent Dashboard
  2. On the Agent Dashboard you can sort by Goal, Agent, When Registered, Last Contact Attempt, and Tag – all at the top of the dash. Don’t forget to use the handy search bar to find the client you need as well. Notice that you can instantly “See Public Page”. This is where the user has collected their saved homes and saved search criteria. Best practice is to look at their saved homes and create an AGENT RECOMMENDED search criteria for them that matches, especially if they haven’t set one up for themselves yet. We’ll show you how to do that and more here.

3. To save homes and set up email home alerts (and more) for your client, click “Collaborate” below their name.

4. Here the first tab that opens is the Details page. You can leave notes about this client, assign to a different agent (if you’re a Manager) or assign to yourself if you’re an Agent, change the Tag, set last contact attempt to now, and more.

5. SAVE A HOME To add an Agent Recommended home to their saved page – go to the homes tab. Use the handy search bar. Simply type in the address you want to save to your client’s page. Then hit the add button. It as simple as that.

6. SAVE A SEARCH – 2 WAYS To add a saved search email alerts to your user, click the Searches tab. (There is another way to do this as well, which we will go over in a bit.) Now you’ll see another bar asking for a search URL. This is really handy if you want to add the same search criteria to a number of different users. You can just copy and paste for various clients.

How do you do this?

Have another window or tab open where you’re performing a search on your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re logged in or not. After you’ve made all your desired selections, just copy that URL and paste it in the client’s tab above.

OPTION 2 – Here is another way. If you are logged in to your Agent or Manager account – you’ll notice that if you click the heart on the search bar, it will give you a DROP DOWN option to save this search for a different user.

After you’ve clicked the DROP DOWN option to SAVE FOR ANOTHER USER – this will pop up.

Now don’t scroll through all the users. Start typing their name and they the user will appear! Then you can choose the frequency of the email alerts to send them and you can give that search a custom name. It will appear in the client’s saved page.

7. Now check your work. Go back to the Agent Dashboard and select “See Public Page”.

Any homes or searches you’ve saved for them should show up.