The Four Types of Users on a Site

Each VestorFilter™ site has four different types of users and each user will have different permissions.

A. Subscriber – this person is your public user. They can register via Google / Linkedin / Facebook, or manually. They can save their preferred homes by clicking the heart button, or their searches by the heart button on the search bar. If you were to create an account here, it would automatically create a Subscriber account and you need to work the backend.

B. Manager – (we provide you with this login) this person is in charge of the website and can do everything but change the code itself. The manager can see all Subscribers and collaborate with them in the backend Agent Dashboard. The Manager can write and post new blog or news articles. The Manager can change basic backend settings for the website. The Manager can delete leads, unassign, re-assign. Basically the Manager has the highest level of ability. The Manager can also create Editor and Agent logins and submit support tickets with us as needed. Note that if you are not logged in as the right kind of user, what you can do will be limited.

C. Editor – This is someone who can login and add new blog or news articles to the site.

D. Agent – this is someone who can assign new leads to themselves and collaborate with Subscribers in the back end. Collaborate with the Subscribers means the Agent can see all details about the Subscriber, and all available information on what the Subscriber is doing and saving on the site. The Agent can add – AGENT RECOMMENDED – tagged saved homes to the Subscriber’s dashboard and create new AGENT RECOMMENDED tagged search criteria (email alerts) for the user on their dashboard.