3 Automatic System Followups for New Registered Users

Three Automatic Followup Systems

When a new user registers: 1. The VestorFilter™ system will immediately send them a welcome email. 2. The system will set them up with a simple Home Alert Emailer based on the default city for your site. 3. The system will also send them a short series of 4 SMS Texts to try to connect you with them. (4. You will also receive an email and text notice that a new lead has registered.)

1. Here is what the welcome email will look like (though branded different for you):


2. The system will create a default auto-emailer like the one below. If you go in and later create an AGENT RECOMMENDED one for this user based on their saved homes or based on a conversation with them, you can simply set this default one to NEVER so it stops sending out the more generic matches.

3. If the user has a phone number the system will send them a series of text messages. When and if the user replies to any of those text messages – YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL – of their response. Then we recommend texting them back (or calling) using your own personal phone number or lead number.

Here are the four default text messages:

{NAME}, I sent a welcome email with info to help your home search. Reply STOP if you don’t want to get any messages from me. – {AGENT}

Let me know if you have any home questions or tour requests. I’d love to assist your search. – {AGENT}

{NAME}, see any homes you have questions about or want to tour? – {AGENT}

{NAME}, can I share some coming-soon homes with you? (Not on the market yet.) – {AGENT}

Note: If they registered using their Facebook or Linkedin Account, the obvious best practice here is to try to add them to your Linkedin Network, or send them a Facebook message or invite. And to do so ASAP.

Note: If you tag a user as Warm or Hot it will stop the short SMS campaign for new users.