4 Types of VestorFilter™ Lead Sources

Lead Sources

  1. Chatbot Leads. Buyer and seller leads from the Chatbot will go directly into your email provided (can be divided into buyer and seller leads). If you request a Real Estate Career Chatbot lead option, we can add that as well and send to a different email inbox.
  2. Contact Forms. There are contact forms all over VestorFilter™ sites. There is a Get PreApproved and a Showing Request and a Contact Agent lead capture form on every single property page – for example. These will all go to your buyer lead email inbox.
  3. Calls. This one is simple, there are a number of click to call buttons throughout the site. We can take a different number for every agent on your Team Roster (if you want) and we can take separate numbers for buy and sell leads as desired.
  4. A New User Registers. Users can sticky sign up with a Facebook, Linkedin, or Google account. They can also manually create an account. You will get an email notice on all of the above.