Best Practices for Success – When a New Lead Comes In

First, we will go over the four types of lead sources on a VestorFilter™ site and then we will talk about how the system already automatically follows up for you. It is important to know these two things before starting any manual lead follow-up. But if you already know these first two things, you can skip to the end for the best manual lead follow-up practices.

VestorFilter™ Lead Sources

  1. Chatbot Leads. Buyer and seller leads from the Chatbot will go directly into your email provided (can be divided into buyer and seller leads). If you request a Real Estate Career Chatbot lead option, we can add that as well and send to a different email inbox.
  2. Contact Forms. There are contact forms all over VestorFilter™ sites. There is a Get PreApproved and a Showing Request and a Contact Agent lead capture form on every single property page – for example. These will all go to your buyer lead email inbox and you will receive a text notice.
  3. Calls. This one is simple, there are a number of click to call buttons throughout the site. We can take a different number for every agent on your Team Roster (if you want) and we can take separate numbers for buy and sell leads as desired.
  4. A New User Registers. Users can sticky sign up with a Facebook, Linkedin, or Google account. They can also manually create an account. You will get an email and text notice.

Three Automatic Lead Follow-up Systems Start When a New Lead Registers

1. The VestorFilter™ system will immediately send them a welcome email. 2. The system will set them up with a simple Home Alert Emailer based on the default city for your site. 3. The system will also send them a short series of 4 SMS Texts to try to connect you with them.

1. Here is what the welcome email will look like (though branded different for you):

2. The system will create a default auto-emailer like the one below. If you go in and later create an AGENT RECOMMENDED one for this user based on their saved homes or based on a conversation with them, you can simply set this default one to NEVER so it stops sending out the more generic matches.

3. If the user has a phone number the system will send them a series of text messages. When and if the user replies to any of those text messages – YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL – of their response. Then we recommend texting them back (or calling) using your own personal phone number or lead number.

Here are the four default text messages:

{NAME}, I sent a welcome email with info to help your home search. Reply STOP if you don’t want to get any messages from me. – {AGENT}

Let me know if you have any home questions or tour requests. I’d love to assist your search. – {AGENT}

{NAME}, see any homes you have questions about or want to tour? – {AGENT}

{NAME}, can I share some coming-soon homes with you? (Not on the market yet.) – {AGENT}

Best Manual Lead Follow-up Practices for New User Registrations

A. They registered using their Facebook or Linkedin Account, or gave a phone number with their registration.

Same day / Immediately

If they registred with a Facebook or Linkedin account, the obvious first step best practice here is to try to add them to your Linkedin Network, or send them a Facebook message or invite. And to do so ASAP. This will not interfere with the auto-welcome email or initial texts. Second step, if there is a phone number – call asap. Don’t text or email yet – the system is doing that.

Over the next week

Check to see if the user has saved any properties and or searches. If they’ve saved homes and no searches, add to their page a recommended home search email alert that matches their saved homes. See if they accepted your Linkedin or Facebook invite and start a conversation there. Keep calling on your chosen schedule, depending on how aggressively you want to follow up, but wait at least three days before sending a text or email, since they system already started that for you.

B. They registered with an Google account without phone number or manual registered with email only.

Same day / Immediately

Send your own introductory email about yourself a few hours after their initial registration. (They will get an immediate initial welcome email, and the system will set up a default email alert for them.) See if you can find off their email a social media account that matches, and send them a friendly invite to connect.

Over the next week

Check to see if the user has saved any properties and or searches. If they’ve saved homes and no searches, add to their page a recommended home search email alert that matches their saved homes. If you have an email newsletter or drip program for yourself add them to that (unless you already had us do that automatically for you with every new user registration).

New Lead Comes in from Chatbot or Contact Form (not new user registration)

  1. Check to see if they are a user already and if so look at their saved dashboard to see the homes and search criteria they are interested in. Use the AGENT DASHBOARD search bar at the top to see if you can find them.
  2. Call / text / email – all three right away. The VestorFilter™ system is not doing any automatic follow-up on these leads, so it is up to you to connect.