Best Practices for Success – Sort, Tag, and Take Notes on All Users

If you add a lot of clients and generate a lot of new leads with a VestorFilter™ site, it is very important to keep track of all your active users.

  1. Assign. Make sure the appropriate agent is assigned to each user if you’re on a team or brokerage site. Every new lead comes in unassigned and can be assigned to themselves by any AGENT or MANAGER account. But only Managers can unassign and re-assign users.
  2. Push the Button. Keep pushing that last contact attempt “Set to now” button.

If you’re diligent in pushing this button in the Agent Dashboard everytime you reach out, then you can sort by your last contact attempts, make sure no one falls through the cracks.

3. Tag Em. I know many agents / teams / brokerages might want their own custom tags, but I think it can get confusing and be a waste of time. All leads fall into the SAME categories.

New Leads – Warm

Old Leads – Cold

Active Clients – Hot

Bad Leads – Ignore

Past Clients – Sold

Are there really any other types? I highly recommend using the tags to sort your users into these buckets.

4. Take Notes. Sure, many clients have unique situations and needs you need to keep track of. And there is a spot for that – take a note! Just remember to hit the save button when you’re done.