Getting Started
11Stephen FitzMaurice

Step #3 Creating Tasks and setting up Automatic Task Management

Manager level users can choose which auto tasks they’d like to run as default. This tab will tell you exactly what will happen in detail. Registered users are automatically set by the system to the New tag. Notice that the lead tags determine which automated follow-up tasks will run. If the tag is changed, all...
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Step #4 Submitting a Ticket

Okay, well I hope you never need to submit a ticket. But let’s say you find a bug or you need to change something on the site (like a logo) and you don’t have access in the Manager options. The solution is to submit a ticket. Only logged in Managers can submit a ticket. Here...
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Step #2 Collaborating with your Clients

Save email search alert criteria to your user’s dashboard while browsing the front end map. We’ve made this as easy as possible! If you are logged in as a site manager, manager, or agent, you can click the bell button at the top left and a drop down will appear. Select it. Now whatever you...
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11Real Estate Agent IDX Wordpress Websites

Step #1. Logging in and adding new clients to your dashboard.

You can login to all VestorFilter™ WordPress IDX sites by typing this directly after your website’s URL – .com/wp-admin/ Example: 2. Don’t create a new user account for yourself. Use the login information we gave you. Here is the reason for that, your VestorFilter™ site has a few different types of users and each...
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