Dashboard 101

Access the Main Dashboard

After you’re logged in (for this article I’ll be logged as a Site Manager, as only Site Managers can see and do everything in the Dashboard) go to the name of the site on the top left and click the name to get the drop down dashboard link, then click it.

Agent Dashboard – this is where you’ll see all registered users (even users on your own team) and can search for and add new users. Here your agents can claim unclaimed leads and work their leads in a multitude of ways.

My Tasks – This is where you’ll see all your own assigned tasks and all tasks for the entire team (if you’re logged in as Site Manager). Here you can also create tasks for yourself or any other agent (if logged in as the Site Manager). You cannot adjust the automated tasks here, that is under Vestor Filter menu.

Posts – This is of course where you can blog and write new articles. You’ll notice you can also create categories and tags for your blog articles here.

Media – This is where you’ll see photos, videos, etc., already added to the site. You can also upload photos and other media here for your blog or any custom pages that you create. We don’t recommend adjusting out the media that is already there, put in a ticket if you want something that came with the system adjusted. You can break the site by randomly replacing media here. This menu option is best used to add new media for your new posts and pages.

Pages – This is where you can create whatever you want. If you create a custom page, just create a ticket and we can add it to the top menu, and / or we can add it as a footer link. We don’t recommend making custom pages unless you’re already familiar with this process using WordPress in the past. Pages can be used to create full page biographies of each team member or to create custom community / neighborhood pages that you can write about, complete with custom home for sale maps.

Roster – This is where you can see, edit, and add new agents. The Roster is how agents get displayed publicly on the site.

Formidable – These are the lead capture forms on the website. Here you can preview all the lead capture forms (but not formatted, better to just look around on your own site). Also you can check all the lead entries, to make sure you didn’t miss any leads in your inbox!

Vestor Filter – This is where the rest of your site options live.

General Settings – Here you can change the default search city for your website (it changes a lot of things if you do this). You can change out the top logos (say if you switched Realty companies or teams). You can change legal text in the footer. You can also change out third party integration information, but we don’t recommend you do this unless you’re already an advanced user.

Emails and SMS Tabs – Here you can change some of the default settings and messages that are auto-sent to your clients.

Tools Tab – This is where you can export out all your leads as a CSV file to use with other programs.

Auto Tasks Tab – This is where you can turn off and on the automated tasks that are set up to start based on selected lead tags.