Site Manager Abilities – Automated Task Choices and Agent Task Creation

Creating a single task

When logged in as a Site Manager it is easy to assign one off tasks to your Agents. After navigating to the My Tasks tab, simply select an Agent on the drop down.

After you do this, you can type in the name of any lead in the system (Subscriber). Note: if the lead is still unassigned to any Agent they won’t show up here, or if the lead tag is set to Ignore, they won’t show up here.

Then pick the date and time you want the task completed.

Then name the task whatever you want.

Then hit the Create New Task Button.

After you’ve created the task for a particular Agent it will show down below as an upcoming task on your dashboard. This is because the Site Manager and Managers can see all tasks assigned to all Agents.

If you were to log onto the Agent’s site and hit their My Task tab, you would also see the task in their Upcoming Tasks section. Then when the day arrived, it would automatically move up to Today. Agents will only see the tasks they are assigned, not everyone’s tasks.

Choosing the auto-task default options.

This is really simple. These are auto-tasks that start as described based on the tag applied to any lead. The tasks are automatically applied to that lead’s assigned Agent as described. Don’t forget to hit the save button after making your choices.