Vestor Filter™ is an intelligent property search platform. Connecting with local MLS systems, Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers, the search platform applies smart analytics for the general public home buyer or real estate investor.

A “Google Search” for homes. Users can input any keyword they choose to pull up property results. This breaks the user free from rigid property search tools and allows them to easily search for unique and hard to find property features. As an example, a user could type in: indoor pool, horse property, Victorian, Foursquare, the name of a famous architect, sunset view, south facing – whatever they can imagine. Then the system will search every word written about every property for sale in their local area to provide results.

One-click smart filters. Best price per sq. ft., per acre, per unit count, per bedroom count. Smart analytics to determine based priced condos based on combined property taxes and HOA fees. Smart analytics to pull together different data points to create unique lists.  For example, a home fixer opportunity list, an additional living quarters included list, and more.

Smart chatbot buyer and seller leads. Bombarding users with incessant email and text campaigns simply does not work, forced registrations programs do not work, these ancient IDX lead systems annoy users and turn them against your brand. Smart chatbots allow the user to choose to engage. Each Vestor Filter™ site comes with same chatbot lead tool that put the Stephen FitzMaurice Team (Principal Broker in Oregon, Managing Broker in Washington with eXp Realty, LLC) on the national Real Trends Top 250 Chart. Other IDX programs will generate “fake registration” leads in mass from frustrated users who simply want to look at photos. Our users will keep coming back to the platform for the unique tools it offers them (tools they cannot find on Zillow,, and will have the user-friendly choice to engage when they are ready, so that the agent does not have to filter through hundreds of thousands of near-worthless forced registrations, but can focus on dozens or hundreds of consistent leads from genuine home buyer or seller engagement.

Integrates with any existing smart CRM or lead system. Today, all modern marketing and CRM systems interface with each other through API code. We will set up your Vestor Filter™ website to custom route home buyer, seller, and investor leads immediately to any agent in your organization and as desired, automatically fill out the contact forms of any modern CRM platform.

Out of the box SEO power. The majority of home search portals real estate agents are paying for today have no SEO performance. They do not rank organically in Google or Bing search results. Vestor Filter™ sites will naturally rank over time, or the user can add well-written articles to accelerate the SEO process. Proper SEO, in essence, equates to free traffic for any search platform.

Transparent, effective paid advertising options. Home buyer search traffic can be purchased in mass for a reasonable cost on major CPC platforms. For a transparent 10% rate added to a user’s monthly advertising bill, we will setup and manage their Google Adwords and Bing Ads paid traffic campaigns using industry best practices. We will use local geographic targets, reaching every population center numbering at least 1,000. Each user can have a paid advertising budget running as low as $110 a month. If the user’s advertising budget exceeds $2000 a month, our management fee automatically drops to 5%. Twelve month contracts. During the term the user can drop their advertising budget down to the minimum $110 amount if desired. No maximum spend (though generally no service area would exceed a few thousand in monthly cost for 100% coverage). No additional setup fees (30 day project).

Exceptional security combined with blazing speeds. Every Vestor Filter™ site comes with CDN speed optimization and protection services provided through an included paid Cloudflare account. Today’s modern real estate websites need to be more than simple responsive, mobile friendly templates, they need cutting edge optimization tools to rank organically and to keep users safe and engaged.