Best Practices for Success – Setting Up Your New Site

The Pitch

The best sales pitch has three points. We’ve set up your about us or separate buy and sell page templates for maximum effectiveness. We highly recommend thinking hard about three points that make you or your company an excellent choice.

Your Bio

Make sure to mention your experience, your likes, your awards, a few testimonies. Let the user know who you are. Don’t forget that if you have a Youtube video we can include it. Tell a story about yourself. It doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to be specific.

Seller vs. Buyer Leads

Our system allows you to differentiate where these leads are sent, whether the lead comes from a contact form or the chatbot. This is perfect for any team or Brokerage. You can make sure your leads are directed to the best resources (be that people or systems) to work them.

Third Party Marketing Systems

We offer free integration to connect your new leads with any modern (they have an API system) marketing platform or CRM of choice (each account has a limit). Take advantage of this! For instance, we can set it up for you so that every newly registered user on the site is automatically signed up for your Mailchimp email newsletter. This is one small example of limitless options. Your leads could be connected to a lead routing system if you have a large team or brokerage (I have suggestions if you need them). Seller leads could automatically be subscribed to home value subscriptions (there are many options out there). The sky is the limit as to what you can connect a VestorFilter™ site with.